Episode 21 – The One Where Our Mics Were Tweaking Out

Apr 2, 2015

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This week I learned that religion causes some people to get really angry and other people to grow long funny beards…


Religious trivia nugget: Shout out to New York state home of magic golden tablets




Thanks to Matthew the Apostle for next week(s) beer and our awesome new “Nothing fails like Prayer” stickers. You can find out more about In the Name of God – The Podcast at http://inthenameofgodpodcast.com and follow Matthew on twitter @CrimeForGod

Reminder that April 23 is Openly Secular Day. Openly Secular Day is a celebration of secular people opening up about their secular worldview, and an opportunity for theistic allies to show their support for secular friends and family. Find out More at http://www.openlysecular.org


This Week’s Beer: 312 Urban Wheat – Goose Island Beer Co.

Beer DB: http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/1146/17141/

BA Rating: 77/100

Reviews: 858

Style: American pale Wheat Ale
ABV: 4.20%

Steve: 8
Shea: 7
Aaron: 7
Jenn: 8

This Weeks Stories:


Update: Charges dropped against ‘Catholic Warrior’ caught on video destroying Satanic holiday display


Next Week’s Beer: Heinnieweisse Weissebier farmhouse ale

Butternuts beer and ale

Beer DB: http://www.beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/13302/28750/

BA Rating:78

Reviews: 226

Style: Hefeweizen




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