Episode 22 – The One Where We’re Joined By Callie from The Gaytheist Manifesto!

Apr 9, 2015

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In this weeks show Colorado republicans pledge to leave Earth in search of a world where they can sodomize their pregnant dog wives without demonic gay rights activists peeing on everyone’s dreams! Or it would be, but we tweeted @TheGaytheist and talked about fake words, real problems and Shea’s dick

This Week’s Beer: Heinnieweisse Weissebier – Butternuts Beer & Ale

  • BA Rating: 78
  • Style: Hefeweizen
  • ABV: 4.9%
  • Matthew the Apostle: 3
  • Aaron: 6
  • Shea: 7
  • Steve: 6

This Week’s Stories:

Aaron: Colorado Republican says brutal attack on pregnant woman could be God’s punishment for legal abortion – http://bit.ly/1yZgg3G

SteveMat Staver: ‘Demonic’ Gay Rights Advocates Are Acting Like Terrorists – http://bit.ly/1yZeHml

Shea: The battle of the bulging bladder; Where should trans people pee? http://ti.me/1yZeTll

DiscussionThe Gaytheist Manifesto

Special thanks to Callie for being super awesome! Find out more about the Gaytheist Manifesto at http://gaytheistmanifesto.secularmediagroup.com and visit them on the socials at https://www.facebook.com/TheGaytheistManifesto and https://twitter.com/thegaytheists

Next Week’s Beer: Moo Thunder Stout – Butternuts Beer & Ale

This weeks beer is thanks to Matthew the Apostle of In The Name of God Podcast.  He’s a badass and you should listen to his show. Also, you can donate to his fund drive for the Freedom From Religion Foundation and get your very own “Nothing Fails Like Prayer” sticker — we put ours on our beer mugs, because that’s how cool they are!

Faith In Humanity Restored:

The Boy Scouts Have Hired A Gay Camp Leader For The Very First Time – http://voc.tv/1DNo93t

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